from that day i was hooked so started going up my local nightclub on the weekends when old enough of course where i made new friends two of which was djs at the club .

i used to help one of them do some stints for him in the back room which was for the cheesy stuff starting off doing bits here and there  but ended up doing the whole nights sometimes as he couldnt be bothred no more .

the manager of the club apporached me and asked if i would take over from him as i was doing such a good job bringing in the crowds and giving everybody a good time.

back then i started on there mobile disco unit which was one left record deck a mixer in the middle and a right record deck u know i havent seen one of them units since.

from doing just the one night to two nights on the cheesy floor to making my way to the main dj booth where everything was played and did all three nights .

i stayed there for 10 years in that time i also played all over the uk and even did a guest spot at a canadian club whilst on holiday.

see below of them days at strattons nightclub (better know as stickys by the locals)

welcome to my about me page let me take you back in time where it all started how i got into djing and then them radio days .

it all started way back with a couple of mates a few songs and yes back then a tape player we made a radio show listen to it below.

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